Jamie Turner Case Essay

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Problem Statement: After working at Modern Lighting Industries (MLI) for a short time Jamie Turner is confronted with differences between the president, Pat Cardullo, and himself. Jamie is concerned that the relationship between he and Pat has grown to be unpredictable and frustrating, which is causing much uncertainty.
1. It may be that the hierarchy in the organization struggle with conflict management. While working at his first job out of college Jamie’s boss had taught him that a cardinal rule when handling subordinates: “Praise in public, censure in private.” Jamie had notices after a few months at MLI that Pat treated other employees more volatile and unpredictable. More often in meetings Cardullo was using
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Now that the relationship between Jamie and Pat has started going sour Jamie is feeling that the promotion is not likely to happen.

4. It may be that there are competing commitments. Pat is spending half of his week in San Diego and the other half in Chicago. It has been suggested by suggested by Alan Oliver, as well as Jamie Turner, on separate occasions that Pat focus entirely on one location. The competing commitment could be between the success Pat has had in San Diego is different than his situation in Chicago. Jamie could be experiencing his own competing commitments as well. Turner states that after presenting the business plan to COO Arthur Lipsky he was concerned about having to perform. While the idea of one day perhaps being the president of MLI was intriguing to Jamie, the pressure of being a peer instead of a subordinate to Pat could be causing a competing commitment. The article “The Real Reason People Won’t Change” discusses that people tend to unwittingly apply efforts to resist change. Pat has had success and having things go his way, being in control, and has a higher standard of expectations. Turner had sensed that Pat sees other employees as either competent