Jan Skiba Analysis

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Once there was a cat who thought she was a dog, and a dog who thought he was a cat. They eat together, they play together, they sleep together, and they help each other. Until something tears them apart. Jan skiba is an imperturbable and caring person in the story The Cat Who Thought She Was a Dog And The Dog Who Thought He Was a Cat. Jan skiba will do anything for his family, even if he can't really afford it. He takes care of his family and friends, and most of all, he knows how to make people happy again and resolve problems. He doesn't let anything get to him like looks, or someone being mean, or annoying. He is an affectionate and imperturbable character in the story.

Jan skiba is a caring person in this story. For example, a peddler comes by his family's door, they see a beautiful, delicate mirror that they want to get. But jan skiba cannot afford it because he is poor. Instead, he offers a daily payment to the peddler. The peddler agrees to the deal and gives them the mirror. Another way he is caring is when the cat and dog fight almost to each others death because of the mirror, jan skiba ties the dog outside so they don't kill each other. He also always makes sure that the dog and cat have food because he thinks of them as equal to humans. Jan skiba thinks that every living animal or human should have food
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He is caring, admirable, friendly, and he is imperturbable. He also knows how to fix problems. He does great at keeping these things throughout the story, his intentions are good, but turn out bad, but he fixes them. He fixes problems very well, and takes care of his family. He gives the cat and dog food and his family food, and he gives them the mirror when he can barely afford it. Jan skiba has done so many things for his family that show his characteristics in the story. Jan skiba is an imperturbable and affectionate character in the story, The Cat Who Thought She Was a Dog and The Dog Who Thought He Was a