Jane Addams Argumentative Essay

Words: 1915
Pages: 8

May 4, 1886, The Haymarket Square riot erupts once a bomb was thrown into the crowd killing upwards of eight people, and even though to this day no one knows who threw it, a group of eight men identified as anarchists were blamed. Four of these men hanged all together, one of them being Albert Parsons, and for his last words, he mutters, “Let the voice of the people be heard.” The year was 1887, and little did he know that those words would define what America would become over the next several decades. As the Progressive era, where people advocated for their voices to be heard was just about to be born. During this craze of advancement in American society people’s mindsets changed from westward expansion to flocking into the cities by the …show more content…
Jane Addams was the founder of the Hull House in Chicago that jumpstarted Hilda and many other children’s’ lives for a much brighter future. This house was created by Jane to be a safe house where people of all ages could come for support through any hardships in their lives. Greater than her success for being supportive she also saved so many children from traveling down the wrong paths, take Hilda for example she was already done with school and working in a factory for years, and if it was not for Jane she would of never got the opportunity to attend the University of Chicago that changed the path for Hilda forever. The Hull House was a diamond in the rough during a era of a sinking country, but even just the little recreational center that it was created a ripple in history forever, as many outreach programs such as the YMCA or Boys and Girls club still mimic what Jane Addams program was still to this day. Even though it was not a perfect fix, it was distractions such as this that unintentionally lowered crime by providing children to find passions of their own to