Jane Addams Theory Of Thoughtless Education

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Thoughtless Education
Every year in September hundreds of minivans and SUVs pack to the brim with brand new laptops, shower caddies, and clothes hangers arrive on the University of Oregon campus. The pathway to college marks the first step from teenage life to evolving into a young adult. A period of time which is comprised of college essays, standardized testing and the dreaded process of filling out the financial aid application. Many teenagers want to spend their time tweeting and watching the latest episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashian.. The admittance into college is the most important life achievements of young adults today. Although it takes great strides to get into college today, the discourse between the students of today and the ability to think critically with respect to the world around us is evident. This is what the philosopher, Jane Addams calls a perplexity, and throughout my analysis of this perplexity, I will refer to the chapter, Education Methods in her book Democracy and Social Ethics.
Individuals frequently come in contact with trials and tribulations to previously held values. Addams describes the theory of a “perplexity” which holds very puzzling relations between a common set of practices and beliefs against those who hold a different set
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A generation known as the Baby Boomers had little bearing by their parents because they were too busy creating their own passage to success. Having been raised by parents of the baby boomer generation, college to them was a time to discover and explore life, challenge their knowledge of expectation of the world and make their voices heard. However, the Baby Boomer generation viewed college as a need to discover and evolve, today’s generation has an alternate