Jane Addams and Assignment Essay

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Graded Assignment

Humanitarian Award

Follow the directions in the Student Guide to complete this graded assignment. Your teacher will use the rubric and scoring information at the end of this document to grade your assignment. When you are finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit.

(40 points)


List the four criteria you have established for the humanitarian award and give an explanation of each.

Criterion #1: Establishes Hull-House In Chicago, helping to launch the settlement house movement in the United State

Explanation: Hull House (named for the home's first owner) opened its doors to the recently arrived European immigrants.

Criterion #2: In September 1905,
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Even though her father encouraged her education, he believed its purpose was to make her a better wife and mother. Addams, however, desired more and enrolled in nearby Rockford College beginning in 1877. Upon her graduation in 1881, she planned to attend Women's Medical College in Philadelphia and, later, to work as a doctor among the poor.


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