Jane Adddam Argumentative Essay

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Jane Addams once said, “America's future will be determined by the home and the school. The child becomes largely what he is taught; hence we must watch what we teach, and how we live.” This quote needs to be put everywhere. Not only because how relevant it is now, but so we can be better people to one another. The world we live in now is trying to move forward but we have obstacles that come in the way now that makes us take two steps back. Obstacles like the new president-Donald Trump, who is making moving forward way more harder. He is the exact opposite of Jane Addams and if Jane Addams were still alive he would probably hate her more than he does Hillary… Reason being that since she is a feminist, reformer and pacifist, would drive him …show more content…
Yet, although Addams's speaking fees had been her chief source of income for decades, she held fast to her convictions.
According to The Encyclopedia of World War I: A Political, Social, and Military History, edited by Spencer C. Tucker, ABC-CLIO, 2005. Credo Reference:
Addams worked through the Women’s Peace Party, which became the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom in 1919.She served as its president from 1919 until her death in 1935. Vilified during World War I and expelled from the Daughters of the American Revolution for her opposition to American involvement, Addams was accused of being a socialist, an anarchist, and a communist.
No doubt Jane Addams would get criticized so much, she wouldn't be doing her job right if she wasn't. Even in today's day and age, when society sees a person doing good work that's benefiting the people; others like to exploit them and just drag them down by every little thing they say. On one hand Jane Addams as seen as a saint to the poor immigrants, but on the other hand she as seen as a communist and anarchist by the people in