Jane Elliot Reflection

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Jane Elliot decided to turn a very influential thing into an experimental lesson that changed many groups over the time that she taught her lesson. The roles of the blue eyed versus brown eyed students showed how much prejudice and discrimination we have in us based on biased facts. The reactions of the students in the lesson on the third day were expected but, compared to today’s reactions they are very small. The lesson may have used small differences but, on a larger and modern scale the treatment is similar. The lesson can be applied to more than just racism it be applied to sexism or another ism that is used in a discriminatory way. Discrimination and prejudice is something that is used on a daily basis for some people and others try to even avoid it completely. Media and entertainment are two of the most influential things for discrimination and prejudice due to its effect on the audience watching or listening. The students in the initial lesson showed that they can be misled just with biased facts that may be incorrect. An incident that happened on the first day was a student punched another student in the gut because he was being called names and he didn’t like. The reactions of minority or non-dominate groups can be much more violent or have a very poor …show more content…
An event like that can create bad stereotypes to be spread at a high rate and make people believe in them more than before. A reaction to a situation or event can cause good or bad things. The Civil Rights Movement created many advances for minority groups which in many ways helped them become equal but, it only helped when federal action was taken. Since the 1960s many laws have been put into action to assist minority groups but, the way they are treated has not improved as much as many hoped it would