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Conflicted Love

Conflicts as most readers know, are a huge portion of novels. In Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, there are multiple conflicts that occur in the novel, but one that seems to stand out the most. The conflict of love and emotion between Jane and Mr. Rochester seems to be one of the most prominent struggles within the novel. This conflict seems to start when Blanche Ingram begins her relationship with Mr. Rochester, and even though Jane is in love with him, she feels inferior to her because of her rank in social class. During the beginning, Jane seems to let things get to her, and she lets what people say get into her head and marinate even if the claims made were false. The problem however is solved eventually when Jane and Rochester end up getting engaged, ending the major conflict. The novel is largely impacted by the relationship between the two however. They seem to have an interesting connection though, because Jane seems to irritate him a lot. For instance, Jane says “Yet after all my task was not an easy one; often I would rather have pleased than teased him.”(Bronte) When Jane addresses Bluebeard’s castle in chapter 11, it also seems to build on the references to Rochester’s character. The Bluebeard reference seems to hint at the fact that Rochester seems to be more of a dominant personality when it comes to his relationship with Jane. Bluebeard’s reference is referring to the wealthy aristocrat who continuously murders his wives, which seems like an interesting reference to make considering Jane