Jane Eyre - Ch.3 Essay

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Katie Cattell
Jane Eyre - Ch. 3 Presentation
1. What are Jane’s reasons for not wanting to “belong to poor people”?

a. She believes poor people to be “synonymous with degradation” and does not see the hard work poverty takes.

2. What does Mr. Lloyd, the apothecary, eventually recommend concerning Jane’s future?

a. He recommend that she experience a “change of air and space”, maybe he sees that she is not living in a good situation and he want to do what he can to get her out.

3. What does Jane learn about her parents?

a. Her father was a clergyman and when her mother married him against her friend’s and family’s wishes her father (Jane’s grandfather) cut her off. Mr. Eyre later caught typhoid fever while he was visiting members of his congregation and he and Mrs. Eyre both died from it soon after.
Plot Summary - Setting(s)

o The Nursery- Jane wakes up after having fainted in the red room because she thought she saw the ghost of her dead Uncle Reed

o Gateshead- the house where Jane lives with her Aunt Reed and her cousins

o Time- present tense, we learn about Jane’s childhood from a first person point of view

- Characters

o Narrator- Jane

o Bessie- the nurse, believes like Mrs. Reed that Jane is a bad child who deserves the abuse she is receiving

o Mr. Lloyd- an apothecary (similar to a doctor)

o Abbott- Bessie’s maid

- Events

o Jane wakes up in the middle