Jane Eyre Review Essay

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The book I chose to read was Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë which is set in the 19th century and is based in four main settings; The Reed Manor and Lowood school where her childhood homes, Thornfield Manor where she’s introduced to Edward Rochester as a governess to Adele and Moor House where she finds her relatives on her paternal side. The novel begins when Jane was a dependant child who was in the care of her cruel aunt and cousins who did not love her. Jane was then sent to Lowood school where the conditions were extremely poor but was still able to make friends and carry on her education and as she grows into adulthood, she is brought unto staff at Thornfield Manor under the mysterious Mr Rochester, in order to govern Adele. After meeting Rochester under odd circumstances, Jane becomes very intrigued by him and later, these feelings of curiosity develops in to feelings of love and we presume the feeling is mutual. Secrets are later revealed that put their relationship at risk and helps Jane to be an independent woman. I think that Charlotte Brontë was trying to get across serious issues like relationship between men and women, relationship with children, the meaning of true love but especially the theme of social class. Jane was poor but with wealthy environments such as the Reed Manor and Thornfield Manor. Her poverty causes her to be insecure which denies her later opportunities. Blanche Ingram is Jane’s competition for Rochester’s love in her opinion because of her beauty and social status, but Jane is richer in character and intelligence. Jane’s stubbornness and pride