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Conflict in Indochina: 1954 – 79

Indochina after the French
1. Geneva Accords
Foreign ministers of US, Soviet Union, Britain and France held conference to find settlement in Indochina
Conference in Geneva, Switzerland on 23rd April
Talks on Indochina scheduled to commence on 8th May
Discussion involved delegatons from Soviet Union, US, Great Britain, China and the Viet Minh/dominated Democratic Republic of Vietnam, State of Vietnam headed by Bao Di, Cambodia and Laos
French proposed:
1. Regular soldiers of two sides move to certain specific areas under international supervision
2. Auxiliary soldiers disarmed
3. Prisoners of war and interred civilians freed
4. Viet Minh forces in Cambodia and Laos withdraw back to Vietnam

2 days later Viet Minh proposed:
1. All foreign troops withdrawn from Indochina
2. French recognise independence and sovereignty of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia
3. Anti-French Issarak and Lao recognized as legitimate organisations in Cambodia and Laos
4. Free elections in three countries

Viet Minh made clear that they did not recognise government of State of Vietnam headed by Bao Dai
Situation -> difficult in June; Bao Dai appointed Ngo Dihn Diem as Prime Minister
2. Vietnam
20th July – Geneva ‘agreement of the cessation of hostilities in Vietnam’ signed by French and Democratic Republic of Vietnam
Main decisions regarding Agreement French Prime Minister Mendes
Russia and China put pressure on the Viet Minh to accept the agreement
1. Article 10 = French troops leave Indochina
2. Article 11 = French government respect independence and unity of these countries
3. Article 1 = Provisional military demarcation line shall be fixed
4. Article 14 = General election of French Union below the demarcation line and Democratic Republic of Vietnam above the line
Any civilians wishing to reside in other party will be helped by authorities (within 300 days)