Janet Hartwick Case Interview Essay

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Interviewee Janet Hartwick is a successful businesswoman that so many young females aspire to be like. At a young age, Janet was always an ambitious, hard-working woman who wanted to have it all. Much like myself, Janet is motivated by her parents to be successful. From a young age Janet was already involved in politics as her father was a Member of Parliament. Politics became her hobby. She began her career as an assistant to Cabinet Minister Al Polladini where she wrote speeches and acted as a liaison on behalf of the Premier of Ontario’s Policy Advisors. From there, Janet moved on to work as a Government Relations Specialist from Trillium Corporate Communications. Next, Janet worker for Egg Farmers of Ontario as the Director of Marketing …show more content…
Janet relies on her group of friends who she refers to as her “kitchen cabinet”. They understand are friends from all aspects of her life who understand what she in going through and know how to talk her through it. Janet also relies on her husband and her children to make cheer her up. Being able to identify your strengths and weaknesses is essential to becoming a great leader. While Janet is a successful leader and portrays a dolphin leadership style, she is not completely confortable with power. Janet was able to admit her most important weakness: her comfort in talking up her clients overthrows her ability to endorse herself. Janet explained that she is very comfortable promoting her clients work, however when it comes to promoting herself and the power she holds, this does not come as easily. Janet continues to work on this discomfort and manages to overcome it on many occasions. Although Janet has now mastered the ability to balance her personal and professional life, she tells how it was not always as easy as it is now. When Janet’s children were young, she was fortunate to work only four days a week. However, with her children in full day school she was able to get back to working full time and having it