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Non-fiction Reading Project
The book I read for this Non-fiction Reading Project is called “January First” written by Michael Schofield. This is a biography of a hopeless father trying to find a place in the world for his mentally ill daughter, January who is diagnosed with schizophrenia . His life has been a rollercoaster since the day Janni was born, from the beginning him and his wife both knew that January was different; but in a good way. It wasn’t until Janni would become physically violent towards her mother, father, little brother, and even their pet dog named honey that they knew she needed help. It came to a point where they couldn’t live like that anymore; everybody living in their home was in danger including Janni. Both parents wanted so baldy to give up but they didn’t, they stuck through it all because it was their daughter who they loved more than anything. What I didn’t my shadow box on is a scene from my book when Janni has one of her “violent episodes.” In this episode Janni is sent to her room as a punishment for hitting their dog honey, when they realize that Janni was quiet and not throwing her chair against the door as she usually does, the mother and their friend went in to go check on her. They come to realize that Janni is trying to jump out of the window of her room! While Janni’s mother is off to the side in tears holding her baby son named Bhodi, their friend tries as hard as he can to keep Janni from falling out of the window and seriously injuring herself. Janni’s father comes in shortly after her episode begins to find them