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Pie day
Japanese Internment

After Pearl Harbor

Bombing of Pearl Harbor, U.S was concerned about security
--People's hate towards Jap.-U.S.A. Rose.--

President F.D.R. Ordered W.D. To draw E.O. 9066
--Granted officials to exclude people from military areas.--
--Inc. areas of the W.Coast.--

Executive Order 9066 cont. in depth

March 1942, General Dewitt commanded evacuation of J.-U.S. From western areas of U.S.A.

E.O. 9066 produced internment
--W.R.A. Made to grant permanent camps, included “list of chores” so interns can get compensation.--


General Dewitt recommended for the evacuation of J.-U.S.A.
--This is what he thought about the Japanese.--
“The Japanese race is an enemy race and while many second and third generation Japanese born on United States soil, possessed of United States citizenship, have become ‘Americanized,’ the racial strains are undiluted. . .. It therefore follows that along the vital Pacific Coast over 112,000 potential enemies, of Japanese extraction, are at large today.. . The very fact that no sabotage has taken place to date is a disturbing and confirming indication that such action will be taken.”

Prejudice and Racism

Attack on P.H. Made J.-U.S. A target for hatred, vulnerable because lived in small cities

U.S. His. Of discrimination towards J. were:
--Intermarriage laws set, excluded from pools and dance halls, Banned from Jobs and middle class housing districts and 47,000 couldn't get full citizenship in U.S.A--

No J.-U.S.A. could be determined as loyal or disloyal.

No actions taken against