Japan’s Business Etiquette Essay examples

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To: Writing in the Workplace’s Class
Subject: Japan’s Business Etiquette
Date: April 4, 2012

Hi class,
The country I chose for this assignment is Japan. Even though Japan and Vietnam are not too far from each other, but there are many differences that I have learned from this assignment. Besides giving a report on Japan, I also write an introduction why it is helpful for us to learn about other countries. I hope everyone finds this is helpful while reading it. Enjoy!
Why learn about difference cultures?
Japan’s background
Japanese Business Etiquette
Why learn about difference cultures?
Cultural ethnocentricity is the belief that one's own culture is superior to all others and is the standard by which all other cultures should be measured.1 America is well-known to be world’s largest economy, and a country that has the most diverse groups. For this reason, it is an advantage for us to reach out to our neighbors and friends to learn the process of cross-cultural analysis without leaving our country. By the year 2020 [within less than 8 years], the workforce will be more culturally diverse, more female, and older than ever. Workforce demographic change and diversity are critical challenges for the study and management of organizational behavior. 2 Therefore, learning new culture and be aware of culture differences will help us to understand and have better communication with our colleagues and associates at all time.

Japan’s background
Here is a little background about Japan that I collected from GEERT HOFSTEDE.3 Japan has a long term oriented society. Their long history and the short of life that they are facing with disasters and sickness help them to treasure their life. Therefore, in everything they do, they are perusing their best to complete it for everyone’s benefit. Japan is more private and reserved than most the other Asians countries. They have a very high dignity, and they focus on protecting their family name. Japan is also known as one of the most masculine societies in the world, but instead of creating an unfair between the genders, the Japanese are more united in teamwork to against their competitors. Because of the constantly threatened by natural disasters, Japanese learned to prepare themselves for any