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History Notes
Japan’s real names is “Nippon” which means land of the rising sun
Japanese didn’t invent things, they improved them
Chinese and Japanese use the same written language, but don’t understand what each other say
Samurai were are warrior elite class, any land- the Samurai owned it
People had to rent the land from the Samurai; you had to pay them to use their land.
Until the 1870s the Samurai existed
If a Samurai had a Code of Honor, and are required to follow the code, and if they disobey the Code of Honor, they have to kill themselves to regain their respect. (Doesn’t matter age)
All Samurai families have a symbol that represent their clan, they had them embroidered on clothing, flags to show that they are with the following clan
The two most famous clan symbols are the Imperial Family, and the Tokugawa clan.
They would hold their banners with they special symbols in battles
Samurai had to make their hair look good because if they die in battle, their opponent cut their head off, and show to their team
All Samurai had to know how to read, write and paint
In the winter no one fought because it was too cold and they couldn’t supply food and shelter for army battles
Japan castles are different from European castles, as they have bad Earthquakes, so when building their castles, they had to “Earthquake proof” their house.
So they made their castle/houses from paper so if your house collapses, you won’t die, but if you have a fire, you will burn to death because paper is highly flammable
If someone had commit arsine (setting something on fire for fun), their WHOLE family clan would be killed because they were related to an arsine
They would make their houses and castles with plaster and stone and would get smaller and smaller as it gets higher, but plaster can be easily broken by an assassination
Outside of their house was loose gravel, which can prevent assassination because gravel is loud
Japan had to most protect themselves from Earthquakes and assassination
An average meal is 2 to 3 pieces of sushi and tea, so they didn’t get protein and were short
Samurai were rich, well educated, well taken care of, and had great clothes and being another person you didn’t get those things

Social Classes of Medieval Japan
Highest Class
Emperor- hereditary often with limited or no real political power
Shogun- Supreme General Military Dictator of Japan (MOST POWER)
Daimyos- powerful lords/nobility large landowners and provincial governors
Samurai- “those who serve” military vassals and warrior class
Ronin- master less Samurai warriors for hire (would steal things from people, hated by all “losers”)
Peasant farmers
No Class
Eta-untouchables “losers”
Samurai and lord (highest class) are 1%, and peasants and artisans (middle class) are 95% and merchants (lowest class) are 4%
Japan was very racist and named other people racist names, and called them barbarians
Eta only have relationships with Eta (if an Eta touched you, you were to kill them)
Merchants charged a lot of money to purchase things, so many didn’t like them
If you were living in Japan, you would want to be a Merchant, not a Samurai, because them you have to kill yourself
Two swords that Samurai carried: Katana, Wakizashi (TEN THOUSAND LAYERS OF STEEL) kills quickly
Takes six months to make each sword
Woman could become Samurai warrior, but not likely because they weren’t taught often
Armor is made out of bamboo because metal was very expensive in Japan
The bamboo was painted with what looks like metal Seppuku- ritual suicide, just as important as wedding, and invites all family to see kill himself/herself (have to ask lord)
They wear their best clothes and sit on white silk so that the blood can show really well
The Wakizashi (sword) was used to kill and commit Seppuku
Women also commit suicide but differentially because if they take their clothes off, it is embracing so…