Essay on Japan: Personality Psychology and Attitude

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Your Attitude and Personality

Joshua Farmer

BUSA 1980: Professional Development
5:30 p.m.

Mrs. Chewan Evans Petway, Instructor



Relationships among Personality, Expectations about Counseling, and Help-Seeking Attitudes

Regina Kakhnovets

Many people in the society we live in have a merged in a ridiculous attitude and personality. A person may find an individual on a day-to-day base that could change their attitude instantly due to the negative attitude and personality that rubs off. There could be help for the ones who want to change their issue in having a bad attitude or a bad personality. “In fact, less than one third of individuals who experience psychological concerns that meet criteria for a mental disorder seek professional help” (Kakhnovets). Therefore, this is an indicator that many people that do not seek professional help may be at a risk of having that mental disorder until the day they die.

Males and Females have a different personalities and attitudes which made a case study accurate. For example, women are less in denial on if they have an attitude and a personality problem. Nevertheless, men believe that they will be alright and don’t need any help with their attitude. Women are expecting to have to be more personally involved in the counseling process (Kakhnovets).

An individual’s attitude and personality is the key to many job openings and many social networks that will get