Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor Summary

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After the Japanese war on Pearl Harbor, the United States immediately declared war on Japan. The war in the Pacific was the most challenging for the Americans because they needed to recover from the devastation to the Pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor. Turning the tide of Japanese advance would be long and difficult.

What event brought the United States to declare war on Japan?

The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

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While the United States recovered from the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan conquered Thailand, Burma, the British colonies of Hong Kong and Singapore, and the U.S. territories of Guam and Wake Island. American general Douglas MacArthur could not stop
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When the Allies tested it in the New Mexico desert, the massive explosion melted the desert sand into glass for 800 yards in all directions.

Why was the Battle of the Coral Sea so significant?

It prevented Japan from invading Australia

Summarize the information in Allied Victories.

Using code breakers, Admiral Chester Nimitz and Allied leaders learned that the Japanese planned a surprise attack on the Midway Islands. Nimitz was prepared and beat back the Japanese advance at the Battle of Midway. Using the strategy of island hopping, Americans were able to take back control of Tarawa, Marshall, Mariana, Volcano, and Bonin Islands by mid-1944. Japanese forces fought fiercely to hold on their key islands, and both sides sustained heavy casualties.

Beginning in 1944, Allied forces were close enought to Japan to lead bombing raids on more than ____60___ Japanese cities.

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