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I thought i would never meet her again in my life since that day when I left Korea, my homeland. It was 4 years ago; I was going far away from her because I had to go abroad for my studies. The feeling i had that day; i could never ever forget how heartbroken and blue i was feeling. She was like an older sister to me; we were best friends since kindergarten and promised we always would be one. I guess you would imagine how I and she felt during my departure. We were both crying our hearts out; we tried our very best to stay strong with our emotions because we know that one cannot revolve one’s destiny.
Thanks to God that we met yet again after 4 years. We certainly did not convey our goodbyes to each other; I assume that our faith was tied here in UK already. She called me and said that she was here in UK too. I was just too surprised to hear her voice again after those long years. The moment I heard her voice, it felt as if I was dreaming. All I could do was be speechless. We both were so full of happiness; we badly wanted to meet each other and decide to meet soon. The distance between our places was only about 2 hours from train but we could not care less. We talked from day to night during the weekends and said everything that happened in our life like how we used to talk back then. There were all sorts of stories: good, bad, hilarious, and miserable. Finally, we confirmed a place to meet in Christmas and celebrate together. However, due to some other family outing plans, we could not accomplish that plan but still we were happy and said there will always be another time. Later in our summer holidays, my mom told me that we were visiting our aunty and her family. I found that my relatives lived where she lived so I called her and said I will come over with my mom and dad.
Now it was not long before I meet her. I arrived there. I did not tell her the date