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Perspectives on China today I have spent over 20 years building my toy factory. I’m Deny Jimdifns I was born 1968 June,14 the year of the monkey. I was a gift my parents say they have been childless for years and felt they were getting to old. My grandmother believed I would be great for china one day and bring honor to the family name. The factory i have been building for 20 years it has one of the largest production rates in the world today. My parents have told me of times when all the capitalist idea were not around and everyone was equal. When Deng took over China in 1978 he made huge reforms changes to how things worked. He allowed for foreign trade and to allow industry to grow.The economy was poor and people were starving everyday. I came from the western most part of china. I had gain a good education when I was little. So I was the first of my family to go to college. I studied hard for 5 years to get a masters degree in business. At that point Deng had made foreign trade open to china. I started the toy factory and I had little money to spend. I started to sell my toys to England. The amount I could sell was low at first, but as Deng allowed workers to leave their house and come work in the city I was able to hirer more everyday. The assembly line grew from 10 men to 100 men over one year. Deng kept the country economy grow and faster then anything iv ever seen. Deng was a great leader for China it was it need. Many saw that he was doing more capitalism idea more and more. It looked as he was going for freedom where anyone could get rich. My workers started to rebel and wanted to go to the Square to see if the Freedom could be reached. I told my workers to get back to work this idea of freedom was silly and cant happen. I agree with the social class that have been coming out. More people are starting to make larger amounts of money can kept it for them selfs. The government has changed there rules only one kid may be born to a family,other wise they must pay a fine. My life has not been changed as must as other. I own a toy factory that sells toys to more then 50 different countries. The reason this has happen is not because I got lucky, it is because the changes that have happen. I meet with my friends who are also rich like I am to go play golf. Deng has made it that education is what you need to bring honor to your family. If you son or daughter does not do well in school she bring shame to family name. My workers are highly educated and know how to work with technology ever so easily. When Deng told children to go to school after they were put on the farm from Mao they started to invent new idea and tools for our country and the rest of the world. The rate at which students go to school and go to work after has cause huge employment issues as there are not as many high end jobs that these students look for. I have at least 100 people who are almost smarter then me. I am happy that they work for me because they make my job easier. The factory uses large amount of energy to keep everything running smoothly. I hated when they put that dam in at the Yangzi River. It destroyed so much cultural we had and all the poor family that had to relocate. Now though I love it my energy bills are must lower then there were before. It produces the power needed to run the country. It has the power the great wall had it shows to all that we are ready to compete on the global market. The social classes were rich, poor and very poor. Currently the socials classes have grown to super rich,rich,middle ,and poor. Most of the country is in the middle classes but some still remain in the poor classes. The old ones who still live on a farm in the middle of no where are that small percent now that are in the poor class. Most of my workers send their pay checks home to their parents to be able to by items that are need. We help the employes by giving them food and housing so they don't have to much money on things other then clothes