Jaquez Yon: A Short Story

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At the beginning of 1st period on January 26, 2016 Jaquez Yon asked if he could sit in my classroom to escape a situation. I was not sure what the situation was, but I continued to ask him what was wrong. Around 10:50 I heard a student knocking on the door and one of my students opened the door. At that time a young man who I do not know entered my classroom wearing a school ID. Later I found out that the ID belong to Terrence Glover (TJ) I asked him what his name was and he ignored me and approached Mr. Yon. The unknown student struck Jaquez several times before Jaquez defended himself. I got up to break the fight up and that’s when Lamont Phillips jumped in to help Jaquez and struck the unknown student. I was able to push the unknown student