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Jared Allen

Special needs kids are not always physically disabled, but they are emotional disabled too. One of the most common emotional disorder is EBD, or Emotional and Behavioral Disorder. This is a disorder that you will not be able to spot just by looking at the student. Although the student may seem fine in the classroom, there are some things that just keep them from excelling in large classrooms. In this essay we are going to look at the different types of services that help students with EBD as well as the teacher.

One of the main things a teacher can do to help their student with EBD is behavior management. According to Farrell, Smith and Brownell (1998) “the behaviors of students with emotional or behavior disorders (EBD) can be so disruptive to others that they seriously impair their relationships with parents, peers, and teachers. To complicate matters, students with EBD are often the most difficult to teach, are increasingly segregated, and often fail in school.” (pg. 89) It is proven that kids with EBD have a higher chance of dropping out than kids that don’t have EBD or kids with other diseases. This is contributed to lack of noticing EBD in students and also lack of experience by teachers dealing with EBD. Also it is proven that students with EBD are less likely to pursue a more education than any other student.

A way a teacher can help the students with EBD, by the classroom placement. You should put the student in a spot where he will not be distracted by other students but at the same time don’t make him feel left out, or “special”. Also you must make it clear when the student has good behavior and you need to let the kid know when he has unacceptable behavior. Hocutt (1996) found that within general education classrooms “Disruptive student behavior is a major concern of teachers Further, when observed, teachers demonstrate a limited range of techniques to modify disruptive behavior.” (p.82) She also talks about how teachers that are in normal classes don’t plan on adapting to a kid with special needs and that is a area all teachers need to work on. Another way teachers can provide the right direction to students with EBD is by CBI’s or cognitive behavioral intervention. A CBI can provide students with the right tools to behaving appropriately in the classroom environment. Skills that they can work on are anger control, self-reinforcement, self-coping, and traditional behavior therapy methods. There are a number of programs that help with this across the United States. Self reflection is also a way teachers can help control their classroom. They could do activities that relate to the students life or interest. This will help keep the students with EBD more focused and more intent in the conversation. Cognitive behavior intervention has had a positive effect