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The Business Owners Name: Jax Hu Title: Manager Name: Abby Tu Title: Sales Manager
Business Name: HT
Type of Business: Manufacturer about making massager
Executive Summary – a brief overview of your business idea which would create interest from investors, potential employees, and customers. It should be 2 – 3paragraphs.
1 Our company produce products and sell to retailer or direct selling customers through internet.
2 Our company’s strategy are reduce cost and product diversification.
3 Our company hope create best products ,quality, value and feature to customers.
What products and/or services will you sell?
Who are the buyers?
Retailer and customers
How will your business idea help people?
1 high quality
2 high value
3 core feature
4 health and comfortable
Who are your key competitors?
How can you compete effectively?
1 same product but has low cost
2 Same product can give more value
3 More choose
What will you charge?
5 million in first year :Material expenses, Machine expense,staff expenses, site expenses, electric charge and so on
How will you get paid?
How else will you make money from this business?
Making products and sell to retailer
How will customers learn about your business?
1 Face to face : we will find stronger retailer to introduce our product and find cooperation opportunities.
2 Advertising: Billboard, TV , Internet and so on
How will you get customers to return to make more purchases?
1 More opportunities in Internet. Network sale are infinite
2 Finding more retailer in other city and country.
How can you encourage referrals?
1 You can not buy health, but you can buy our product that can take health.
2 Same type product, I produce will take more than other goods.
How long will it take to breakeven?
The business will be successful when it achieves these results:
Number of customers: 40…