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How many of you know the importance of family?
I would like to take this time to share with you about my family. My main key points, first, family is important they make up the everyday life we live in. The second one is if we lost them would be a hard and life would different. Many of you may have family members you don’t like and trust me, I know the feeling but family is family no matter how you look at it. Some of you may have fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles or maybe even grandparents who you can’t stand, but what would you do if you got a call saying something happened to one of them. So by this time I probably have thinking, yeah, what if? Family is like a foundation for a house they keep you grounded, stead fast and unmovable. friends are just a shattered frame of a home they’ll sooner or later leave you into broken pieces but as long as you have a family (foundation) you can never go wrong. In my family its God then family, we are very religious and are a family church where my grandmother is the pastor, cousin is a minister, aunts are elders, uncle is a bishop and my dad is a deacon. My family means the world to me but along the way we’ve lost some that makes me question life. On june 1st 2013 my cousin Perry Herbert was robbed and shot twice, once in the chest and another time in the right eye. All of you may not have known him, but he had a smile that could brighten up anyone’s day. The most memorable moment was in may when we were