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Jaymin Patel
Dr. Wesley Wettengel
STSC 0111
Life Goals Outline
"Life Goals is not something to be lived through; it is something to be lived up to"(William Jordan). Life goal is a mission of my life. In order to achieve my life goal I have to some plan and ideas how to achieve my goals. My major goal is to become a manager and motel owner. In order to achieve my goals I plane to attend and complete college with an outstanding record and degree. I also plan to get working experience at other motel before I own one. Another goal is to get certified computer aid designer (CAD). My short term goal is to get associate degree in Motel management and CAD. This Goal is important to me because it will help me get dun with per black class. This goal will also help me learn basic structure of my majors. Some steps accomplish my short term goal are attend all lathers, do all homework, and Study 15 hours a week. Another ways I can get closer to my goal is work at independent hotel. My middle term goal is to complete the four years of college in motel management and in CAD. This goal is also important to me because completing four year college in motel management and CAD it will give me bachelor’s degree. This goal will also help me by get organize and prepare me for management. the steps that I have plan to take are do all project in college, study 20 hours a week, and talk all class that are required for both courses. In order to get worker experiences I plan to work