Jayson Sinn: A Short Story Of A Wedding

Words: 249
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Kurt sighs. "Jayson thinks his hot as fuck brother and I are engaged and he wants us to get married. Right now."

"You can't get married. Do you even know that guy? Go ahead and fuck him because dat ass, but don't get married."

"Jayson Sinn is going to give me his porn award dildo for best oral as a wedding gift."

"Well, okay then," Sebastian says, "You do it do for the dildo."

They head back in the direction of the dancing. Cooper, Blaine, and Charlotte are near the main doors. Kurt points at the door to the outside and everyone heads that way.

Cool evening air washes over Kurt like a wave. He didn't appreciate how toasty the party was until he's outside. The crowd thins out the further they walk.

Cooper turns around a few times. "Where's