Jazz Dance Research Paper

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Jazz dance today is presented in many different forms and is seen in dance schools and musical theater choreography. Jazz dancing is shown in music videos and TV shows, such as, “So You Think You Can Dance”.The history of jazz dance is extensive and many famous jazz dancer have helped influenced what we know as jazz dance today.Today, Jazz dance has its own movement. Jazz dance is performed on a variety of different stages, such as, night clubs, dance classrooms, touring dance companies, and cruise ships. Jazz dance is always changing with the time periods, and can be found in social dancing, television, movies, and concert stage. Jazz dance in the 1980s and 1990s become more well known after being featured in many notable movies including: …show more content…
Because of the diversity, there are many styles of jazz dance such as, classic jazz, contemporary jazz, broadway, and even jazz/funk. Broadway, is a “Character” style of jazz that is typically described as classy or cabaret-like. An example would be, the dancing in the broadway show, “Chicago”. Jazz/funk, influenced by hip hop dances is an urban stele of jazz. Contemporary jazz is a mix between modern dance and jazz. Not only has modern becoming part of the jazz world, but also hip hop. “It has influenced jazz in the way that it focuses on rhythm.” (For an idea of jazz/hip-hop fusion, look no further than music videos by artists like Usher, Rihanna and Beyoncé—think hip hop with more classical technique and smoother edges.) (Marshall)what connects all these genres together is, each is influenced by classical jazz. “When you see syncopation, long lines, inverted limbs, forced-arch relevés and isolations, no matter the style, you’re looking at classical jazz’s lineage in action”. (Marshall) Since 2000, jazz dance is perfumed on a variety of platforms, such as cabaret, club shows, and concert. Also, the media, such as movies and television shows have become more popular as people gain more interest in dance. Today, television shows, such as, “So You Think You Can Dance”, and “Dancing with the Stars” have become popular among large audiences, portraying different