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Jazz corner of the world

On Saturday noon, Craig Kessler showcased a wide variety of different artist and bands which includes Machito and Mario Bauza. Those songs that were broadcasted was mostly Latin jazz, afro Cuban in particular.

The first song that I listened to was Chico Forro, Igor Dreams, milestone record. The song started with drum beats. The startup of the music did make me recall something similar I heard when I was small, the lion king movie. It was like natural kind of song from the start. At the middle saxophone, piano, trumpet take turns solo with drum and bass as the background music. This song didn’t move me, I didn’t felt any emotion stirring through me, although it sounds joyful and happy. From the way they played the music, it must be played at live concert with dance floors. The musicians were really energetic and ecstatic when playing the instruments. This song didn’t affect me in any way and I guess this is AABA, mambo style, fast pace.

Second song, there were drum, piano and I don’t know what the third instrument was. Sounded like triangle but it has a more complexity. The instrument vibrate in clarity and sharp. Reminds me of sleep hallucination song. Drum and piano as the background music. This song made me sleepy and I would not categorized this as jazz. The music doesn’t have the strong vibrate from the drum. Listening to the music I feel in trance, it’s hard to believe they could finished the song. And it’s moderato. AABA.

Third music start up with Trumpet and drum at the same time then saxophone join in the music. The way they played the music from the start was complicated. At the head, trumpet solo with other instrument as background music. The melody and rhythm was weird but it was clearly jazz. It did move me irritably, and I know this wasn’t a music choice when doing my homework. The trumpet who is soloing played in fast pace while those background music played in moderate pace. I would suggest this music played in the pub for its random kind of music.

Fourth song, starts with drum and trumpet. The other instruments sounds kind of same as trumpet, I don’t know the instrument. Trumpet was clearly the lead instrument. They played in fast pace. I feel they were playing in high spirit and jovial. Sound like it will be played at dance floor and it’s a short piece. I like this piece as it makes me wake up or stimulates my brain in some way. I have the idea this