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The live performance I had the pleasure of attending was the Music Jazz Band. It was Jazz concert on this past concert while I was in New York. These was the first jazz concert I have ever attended I wasn’t sure what to expect at the end I was glad I went. The instruments used were saxophone, trombone, tuba, trumpet, piano, drum set, guitar and bass guitar. The style of the concert was smooth jazz which have different elements from R&B, pop, jazz fusion and jazz. I enjoyed the live performance all performers were highly skilled, some of the songs had slow and fast tempo. The brass section were seating in three rolls the position of the front line, first seated was four young men playing saxophone some played tenor sax and alto sax, second roll were five men of four played trombone, and one played tuba. The last roll standing was the trumpet players. Rhythm section comprises of a guitarist, a pianist, a drummer and a music director. The first song the guitarist started playing solo, and another solo playing trombone which he later in the third song switched to playing tuba then the whole trombone roll came in improvising more like in a call and response manner, followed by the trumpet roll with a high pitch while piano, drums and guitar were played softly. On the second song the trumpet line started, and the reaction of the audience was ecstatic they started clapping, he played very good, I was impressed, later the alto saxophonist got up and joined him, followed by the trombone line then every performer joined playing slowly. The next song had a fast tempo, complex melodies more energetic even the music director was into it. There were lots improvisations, tenor sax and alto sax both got up and played with lots of intensity in a call and response manner later everyone joined playing smoothly. Furthermore, the music director introduced the vocalist and song interpreter. the song was every smooth and soft, it was a sad love song, he interpreted the song well through his feelings he projected it well, it looked like he was feeling melancholy. The song was about a man expressing his love to his lady here are some of the words from the song “the way she walks can’t tell her I love her” there was no movement. One of the trombone players did a solo, also one of the saxophonist did a solo they both played very well the audiences were also impressed, in the background drums, guitar and bass guitar were played