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Every day for the rest of your life:
Bringing a new metal to the bridal jewellery market
Received (in revised form): 30th July, 2012

DANIEL J. SCOTT serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Scott Kay, America’s best sold designer bridal jewellery brand and Saks Fifth
Avenue’s dominant men’s fine fashion accessory line. Prior to Scott Kay, Dan was Senior Marketing Advisor with the world’s largest Internet company, VeriSign. He was selected to join the launch team for QVC America, where he worked for eight years and is credited with many aspects of the now worldwide e-retailer powerhouse. Nominated as America’s CMO of the Year, Dan is a keynote or featured speaker at renowned global conferences.
Daniel J. Scott

This paper reviews the ‘rush to market’ success of a new metal targeted at bridal consumers. It showcases how proper product (and competitor) facts positioned strategically will provide strong net gains. By monitoring social media platforms, bloggers and influencers were found to be manifesting organically. Online and in-store brand ambassadors started to combat brand challenges on a local to global level. In some respects, they evolved into unpaid,‘field marketing representation’. Proper monitoring in this situation allowed the team to learn from these modern-day focus groups and make a beeline to brand victory.

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Daniel J. Scott, danscott@scottkay.com 264

Truth. A word that is directly associated with the words ‘trust’ and ‘honesty’. Truth is fact and facts are indisputable.
As in any sector and especially noted within the $11bn engagement ring and wedding jewellery market,1 truth in product reigns supreme. The same holds true for trust and honesty.These traits are necessary to close a diamond engagement ring sale and the accompanying wedding bands. An example of truth and revealing facts is evident through a 29-year old, highly respected bridal jewellery specialist firm: Scott Kay, Incorporated.
Known as a forward-thinking and highly passionate artist, Scott Kay is also known to speak his mind freely.The jewellery industry often quotes Scott Kay, based on his fine jewellery design techniques, manufacturing expertise and metals knowledge. He is credited for being highly instrumental in

resurrecting platinum in the United States and was elected international spokesperson for palladium (a sister metal to platinum).
Conde Nast credits Scott Kay with creating the first bridal jewellery print advertisements over 25 years ago.
The reason this history holds so much weight is that only a true bridal specialist with an understanding of precious (and now contemporary metals) could effectively execute this specific education and awareness campaign.The above statements define the messenger, the next section is an introduction to the buyer.
Most fine jewellers create designs and sell these items through what is known as
‘big box doors’. Large retailers such as
Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus are strong partners for any fine fashion jewellery designer. Many also sell directly to the consumer via a website, free standing salons or pop-up stores.




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This is not the case with Scott Kay.The company relies on a business-to-businessto-consumer model. Scott Kay sells to independent and national chains for fashion as well as bridal. All aspects of this product introduction, point-of-sale material, in-case displays, training and local advertising had to be finalised and were – at rapid speed. One important note, the product could not sit with other Scott
Kay products; it needed its own identity.
Thus, divisional brand names were formed and sold exclusively to entries such as Kay Jewelers, Jared the Galleria of
Jewelry (both