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First Billionaire in the World In the late 1800’s there were some mans some people could call “kings”, these people make Bill Gates go hungry. People like Cornelius Vanderbilt and John D. Rockefeller who made a lot of money with the monopoly that was going on in that time. Unlike Vanderbilt, Rockefeller wasn’t a robber baron or a greedy business man. What made Rockefeller a Capitan of Industry is that he played with respect to his competitors, he also treated his consumers fairly and he was also a philanthropist. When Rockefeller was young his parents showed him how to save and work hard for what he got. He was also taught to believe that God was before anything and to keep his faith strong. He was also and educated man “He took a course in business studies from Folsom’s Commercial Collage” (famous entrepreneurs). In 1863 he and his partner Murice B. Clark started an oil industry and made good money out of it, “In 1863 the partnership established the Standard Oil Company and in 10 years the time the company had taken almost complete control over the region”(famous entrepreneurs). He was a very good entrepreneur and a good man at heart. He tried to help people out that didn’t have a lot of money, at that time there was a huge gap between rich people and poor people. Lots of people couldn’t afford oil for light or much of anything but Rockefeller was different with people. “In 1885, John D. Rockefeller wrote one of his partners ““let the good work go on. We must ever remember we are refining oil for the poor man and he must have it cheap and good.” Or as he put it to another partner, “Hope we can continue to hold out to the best illuminator in the world at the lowest price”’ (Folsom). The fact is that Rockefeller lived a humble life growing up that made him a philanthropist. Also Rockefeller was a philanthropist or a person that gave to others; he would donate money to charities, churches, and collages. “Within his life time, Rockefeller helped launch the field of biomedical research, funding scientific investigation that resulted in vaccines for things like meningitis and yellow fever” (Sargent). He really cared about the common person even though he was a higher class; he believed that everyone needs an education, “He vigorously promoted the cause of education nationwide, without discrimination of sex, race or creed. He created the University of Chicago, virtually from scratch, and within a decade it turned into one of the world’s leading universities” (Sargent). He gave away lots of money to more than one charity, “He gave away millions to schools, health organizations and civic projects through the Rockefeller Foundation, which endures today”