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1.0 Introduction

The aim of this case study is to critically analyze the current strategic situation and future strategic direction of JD Wetherspoon Plc by using the macro and micro environment analysis, to illustrate and evaluate its internal and external situation and its competitive position. As well as to gain competitive position in the market. To implement and analyze the strategy using Porter’s five generic forces and also discuss a possible strategic direction; by combining with the life cycle portfolio matrix development before drawing to a conclusion.

JD Wetherspoon Plc is one of the leading pub chain and budget hotel in United Kingdom. The company has 775 pubs spread in UK and Ireland. The pub first started on
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Because it is linked together once the government made a decision and it will affect the economic status of the state. The key elements of political environment facing business include local and national government, trade unions, employer’s bodies, political alliances and agreement which represent all political view point(Capon, 2004). The impact of national government to the company are issuing a license, to ensure that they follow the regulations imposed by the law such as health and safety, free smoking on the facilities and provide an area where consumer can smoke.
The political opportunity for JD Wetherspoon Plc is they manage to get a license to open at 7am and served breakfast and 10am to start serving alcohol beverage to the customer. From global perspective, the company benefited the alliances and agreement occur between two or more countries for mutual benefit. JD Wetherspoon Plc able to enter to North Ireland market, it is easy to obtain a pub license because of the UK and Ireland government has a good agreement to support each other to fulfill ideals of cultural identity and, national integrity or economic benefit. The company focus on the north side of Ireland because of the location its easy for them to transport all their products because of the available land transportation infrastructure available.
Political and economic factor may lead to threat to the company because of legislation they keep trying to impose. For example