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Training Standards and Customer Service
Unit 4 Assignment
CM220 – College Composition II
James Dawson

Goodwill employees should be provided with standardized training, which will allow them opportunities for advancement in the company and pay; customer service will increase due to the online training which will allow customers to have a better understanding of how Goodwill helps the community.
This is in my opinion, a claim of policy. The goal is to create an online training website, which all Goodwill’s can access. The second goal is for Goodwill’s to give input into the classes, so they can become standardized across the country. The challenges of the project will be participation from Goodwill agencies on the input of what training is needed, and how to standardize the training will be the biggest challenge.
Since Goodwill has a specialized retail operation, some of the training that must be provided for certain positions will be proprietary to Goodwill. However there are jobs that Goodwill can provide standard training on that will allow associates to move into other jobs within Goodwill or to an outside agency. The research to find if training is needed will be performed in several ways. First the “List Serve”, which is a mass mailing email list, will be provided from Goodwill Industries International. The email list can be accessed from Goodwill.org. You can specify certain departments, such as: HR, IT, etc. Using the department list of your choosing, you can email every person in the Goodwill movement for a quick question and answer session. These questions can be, “Is your Goodwill interested in training?”, “do you currently provide training?” With the responses from members, you can see if training needs to be addressed. From those interested, you can then setup online surveys to dig deeper into what training is needed, and what they would like to see. From these research answers training can be created and testing of the online access can begin.
Goodwill is a leader in the community for helping people obtains jobs. In order to help those associates obtain better jobs training is needed. With the proper training employees can be placed into jobs outside of Goodwill, or to have the opportunity to move higher within the company. Standardized training will address those needs. Training will provide the basics for the employee’s job, and help them