Jealousy And Trust Issues In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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In The Crucible, there has been lies and trust issues and self internal problems and more. This can relate to my own self experiences. I have been jealous, lied to, and also had issues trusting people alot. The Crucible has also had loud sounds in the courtroom. I have had a time by listening to my parents go at it. The quote “When an individual tries to life themselves…” is asking to analyze how failure can lead to bad events. I have had experiences that are similar to The Crucible. The personal experiences were about trust issues, lying, and jealousy. An example of an experience similar to The Crucible is when I was jealous. I was jealous of a girl I used to talk to. She was with one of my closest friends and I did not know about this. I found this out later by a second source and that got me mad. Another example similar to The Crucible was that someone lied to me. I was also lied on by the same person that I was talking to about cheating on me. More of my friends and …show more content…
I made a relation to that a lot which connected me to the story. Proctor wants to gain the trust of Elizabeth, but he knows that he is not loyal to her. John lied to Elizabeth about her accusations and saying that they were not true. In the following quote, Elizabeth seems like she knows something is wrong with John. John was trying to convince Elizabeth that he is a loyal man, but he knows that he is lying. Elizebeth states, “Then why do you anger…”. Proctor replies with, “Because it speaks…”. Proctor has given Elizabeth a reason to have trust issues with him. Elizabeth is also curious about what is going on with John Proctor and his behavior. Through all the lying, John is finally willing to start to tell the truth, but the situation gets worse. Elizabeth says, “ You were alone…” and Proctor replies, “For a moment…”. After she remarks, “Why, then, it…”. After that exchange of words and sentences, Elizabeth responds with, “Do as you wish,