Jealousy In All Summer In A Day By Ray Bradbury

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Jealousy In A Short Story
In the short story “All summer in a day” by Ray Bradbury, they live on Venus where it’s always dark and raining. Every seven years the sun comes out for two hours. The theme in this story is jealousy the kids in the story get jealous because Margot remembers something nobody else does. They later on do something that they regret and can’t take back.
The first part of the story that shows jealousy is in the beginning of the story, when Margot and the kids were talking about the sun coming out soon. But when Margot begins talking about how she has seen the sun and knows that it’s coming out soon, the kids become to get mad and jealous. You know this because the kids all say “You’re lying, you don’t remember!”(2) They didn’t exactly not believe her it was just they didn’t want to. They started teasing her and making her feel left out and not welcome.
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But because the kids didn’t want to listen to her they forced her into the closet and locked it on her. “It’s a joke!”(3) Said William but of course it may be a joke for William but not for Margot. This shows it because when they didn’t believe her they did something terrible. Seconds later the sun starts shining through the clouds and all the kids slowly walked outside. As they enjoyed the couple hours of sun they haven’t had in seven years, Margot was stuck in the closet. Everyone forgot about her until the sun went away.
“Will it be another seven years?”(4) That’s what the kids said before they realized that Margot was still locked in the closet. William runs into the building and slowly unlocks and opens the door with an ashamed look on his face. William realized himself, he did this because he was jealous. But now that he’s seen the sun, he realizes why Margot was so excited to see the sun again. But he took it away from her and now she has to wait another seven