Essay on Jean Claude Duvalier vs Napoleon

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Jean-Claude Duvalier became president at the age of 19 after his father’s sudden death. Although he didn’t have to win the people over with his good intentions there was much to be expected from him. He improved relationships with Haiti & the United States. Napoleon wanted to teach the animals Animalism at first but eventually became like man. His father was corrupt to the country and took loans from many countries such as the United States and saved the money into his own personal accounts. Jean-Claude Duvalier was young and inexperienced; he was spoiled ind spent a lot of money on expensive sports cars, he also had a three million dollar wedding while the country was in crisis. People often called him a buffoon and judged him for leading the country into an economical downfall. Jean-Claude Duvalier had a secret police just like Napoleon did to force people into agreeing with him. Many people thought he was doing better because he was less murderous than his father. He also made things in the media easier by giving the media more freedom, but he was still as corrupt. His mother and sister did most of the work while he went out to parties and had sex with many people. The people adored him at first because things started off well but they didn’t realize who was actually doing the work. His wedding, which was one of the most expensive weddings ever, caused much talk because of the way the economy, was. The people grew tired of the fraud; he was eventually kicked out of his