Jean Isaacs: Filmmakers Living Community At Rutgers University

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Jean Isaacs
Filmmakers Living Community at Rutgers University

My goals and purpose with film is to one day making a living as a filmmaker. I have been interested in films since I was a little kid who watched movies all day. Eventually watching movies became almost a job for me as I transitioned from watching movies to actually analyzing them and wondering about how they were made. In college I started out major in exercise science because of my love for sports but towards my junior year I realized film was the only thing I could see myself happy doing for the rest of my life. I switched my major to pursue film at Rutgers University. I am part of the digital filmmaking center at Mason Gross and I also plan on minoring in Cinema Studies with a bachelor’s s in Journalism and Media Studies.
In just one year I have had two short films entered in film festivals with one of them being a finalist to be screened at a Hollywood film festival. My other short film has currently been entered in a film festival, which is a week away. Not only have I begun making short films but also since my freshmen year of college I have been a videographer for a emerging hip hop group I.O.U which have performed with various million dollar acts such as Big Sean and Far East Movement. I am responsible for their video blogs and have even directed some of their music videos, one of the music videos being “ Rutgers State Of Mind” which has over 90,000 views on YouTube. The song is also played