Jean Kilbourne Makers Women Who Make America Analysis

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Jean Kilbourne says in “Makers: Women Who Make America” that, “When you turn people into objects and you trivialize them, that makes violence more likely”. Her quote is meaningful because it relates to current issues in media and society. In modern media, including television, news, and celebrity events, and especially advertisements, women are published as objects rather than human beings. The female body is utilized to sell products and lifestyles, primarily supporting patriarchal conduct. In the exploitation of female sexuality, women are expressed as degradable and usable toys for the privileged man, even if by discreet methods such as a perfume campaign that claims the perfume will “please your man”. These promotions respect masculinity but transform femininity into sexuality or submission, and in affect encourage violence. However, the documentary “Makers: Women Who Make America” also mentions Madonna, who chose to publically reveal her sexuality. “Makers: Women Who Make America” clearly defines the contrast between choosing to present one’s sexuality and being sexually objectified in media. The first is a decision about personal expression and is a choice; the second is spurred by the social construction – the social norms and expectations – of the sexually objectified parties. …show more content…
A modern-day example of this may be seen in the movie “The Intern” with Anne Hathaway, which illustrates the life of a young female CEO, who is married and is a mother. “The Intern” ends happily, even though the independent main character has done nothing to sustain her career and her personal life. As depicted in “Makers: Women Who Make America”, society throws this expectation of a perfect woman in the midst of struggling wives and mothers, without providing