Jean Know Where The Gods Fly Essay

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Jean Know – „Where the Gods Fly“
“Being the new one”, haven’t we all tried that before? Being the new kid in school, or being the new employee at work. Then, imagine being new in a completely different country, where you have to start from zero. Making new friends, creating a network, learning a new language and also a whole new culture, is all very challenging and overwhelming factors, when moving to a new place.

This is actually the situation in Jean Know’s short story “Where the Gods Fly”, where a little family of three people emigrates from China to the USA, to create a new life by working and raising their daughter in school. In this short story, we hear about a mothers concern about, seeing her daughter being encapsulated in the
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But it is also a way of getting her daughter to something, that she never got the opportunity to do herself. As the story progresses Pearl is actually becoming what her mother doesn’t want her to become, and as her mother is busy taking care of her ill husband, they are slowly drifting apart.

In the end the mother says, “Buddhas, allow my daughter to understand some day why I take her greatest love away; I know this will be the blow that finally severs the already tenuous bounds between us.” Here she has come to the conclusion that it is the best thing for both Pearl and her to take her greatest love away, so that she can be just a normal girl. Because, the mother states that Chinese people like them doesn’t have to be something special, they just have to fit in. And by this we are back to the beginning where the big decision has been made, but wants her daughter to resist the winds of fate and get to the place where the gods