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Alexis Wozney-Masood
VUSM 100-006

Sister Jean Moore made us all understand and experience contemplation. In a fast past world it was a very refreshing and relaxing experience. Asking us to just first gaze and then go deeper and deeper under each layer of the whole. She said, “Go below the surface and you will get a truth”. “Ask for calm, ask for insight and then let it come”, Moore recommends doing this things while in deep contemplation. I loved her presentation. I slept really well the next couple nights. As a student at Viterbo I am reminded often that contemplation is one of our top values but have I ever contemplated like we did in class that day? I don’t think I have ever achieved such significant contemplation while others are around. I usually am alone when in deep reflective thought. I had a picture of a fire pit with a circle of logs surrounding it, something that I do often is camp, and it was easy to get lost in the picture I chose for her demonstration. I wonder how much time each day she puts into contemplation. Can someone contemplate too much? It would really be fun to go visit Sister Jean and talk about stuff like that. I would feel comfortable talking to her, she isn’t intimidating at all! I love nice ‘nuns’, she was so funny too. I wish my family and fellow students from other classes would’ve been there. Seriously she could really affect some of the snots if she did that presentation to us at the FAC. Not even just the snots anyone would benefit how she can make you relax and appreciate deep thoughts that help us find the good. I went and got massage two days after Sister Jean’s presentation. I even put a serene picture as the wallpaper on my cell. She definitely was my favorite guest speaker to date! In skill number two of the Covey test we learned to ‘begins with the end in mind’. Our discussion in class was about us sharing experiences when we made a self discovery. I ended up making a really long list, I have been through many experiences. Experiences that matured me formed my personal values and make ‘me’. I have gone in many directions without the end in mind and ended up turning a different direction. Even if the end you envision for yourself is what will really happen (roadblocks are inevitable) you have to strive toward something or you will end in nowhere the zone. I really actually know people that I graduated high school with that still party every chance they get and seriously have no goals. Some people I know from my hometown are perfectly ok