Jeannette Kams1 Narrative Essay

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Jeannette Kamsi 2/21/15
English 1301 Narrative Essay: my topic is on bullying Bullying is the use of force or threat use to abuse, intimidate and dominate over others. Although bullying can be dispute-related or predatory, bullying has a range from physical, mental, verbal, and emotional to technological on the internet. Bullying affects our children daily life: academically, morally and physically. In our daily life, bullying most likely occurs in schools, social places and on the streets where teenagers go out of their way to harm others by ganging up on a single person and it is crazy how teenagers nowadays look at bullying as a fun thing to do to past time and if they can’t do it in person, they would do it over the internet through social media such as Facebook, twitter, instagram…etc. Most of the bullying is now done online by others because online one has the freedom of saying anything to others, which is the reason I do not allow my child to be on the internet for a long time. I give him a time limit to be on the web. According to; the statistics of bullying nationwide; about 28% of students from 6-12 in the U.S alone have experienced bullying on a daily basis at school, while 30% of students in schools have admitted to bullying others. Also 71% of students have seen bullying occur in front of them and decided to ostracized their classmates while 70.4% of school staff have seen bullying occur and never intervene, which proves that our children are not safe in an institutionalized place. In spite of the statistics, bullying occurs mostly to boys than girls, I say that because my son was bullied by other students when he started schooling in middle school. He was bullied and never told me until he decided to take matter in his own hands by defending himself and the school called me about it. Bullying affects the victim morally by decreasing one’s self-esteem and his quality of life in school. For example: I remember when my son told me that when he was bullied, he always found himself in constant tension, fear and anxiety. By leaving with those feelings every time one goes to school, one becomes pessimistic and stressed which may lead to change on one’s view on the quality of life and a decline in one’s health. I remember my son not wanting to eat sometimes. Bullying can affect academically by hampering one’s education due to fear which creates a lack of concentration, missing classes and sometimes school days. It can affect one isolate himself from others and become ostracized by his fellow peers and bullying can increase aggression in the bulled. Like I mentioned earlier, about my son handling his case of bullying, he handled his