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I will talk to you about our most popular means of transportation in the Philippines called “The Jeepney” The history of it, Its unique style its evolution makes it a bit interesting to talk about.
During WW2, The americans Helped the us Fight the Japanese .Japanese bomed the Philippines and pretty much destroyed our main cities and ports but with the help of the americans, under the command of a man called Gen. Dauglas Mc Arthur, trained the philipinos and helped us fight the japs. And when the americans arrived in the Philippines , they have with them their weapons, modes of communications etc. and their mode of transportation the jeeps.
These jeeps are well known for its toughness, versatility it can go around places with ease.
I think some of the concepts of land rover was taken out from the jeeps.
And we won
When American troops began to leave the Philippines at the end of WWII, hundreds of surplus jeeps were given to the Filipinos. And because of the Japanese bomings our means of transportation was destroyed and these jeeps, were stripped down and altered; metal roofs were added for shade; and decorated the vehicles with vibrant colors.
Basically the front half of the jeep was kept desame and the other half was altered to the owners content. Hence the birth of the jeepney.
No two jeepneys are same each jeepneys has its own character.
There is no company in the Philippines that makes its own brand of jeepney like Honda or ford.
Each jeepneys are made