Jefferson Presidency Period Timeline Essay

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Samantha Bell
Jefferson Timeline

March-December 1799 ·Jefferson spends nine months at Monticello though continuing in role as Vice President

December 14, 1799 ·Washington dies at Mount Vernon

May 11, 1800 ·Democratic-Republican caucus establishes first national platform and nominates Jefferson and Aaron Burr for President and Vice President, respectively
May-November 1800 ·Returns to Monticello
June 30, 1800 ·Rumors of Jefferson's death spread after false report by Baltimore newspaper
September 30, 1800 ·Convention of 1800 signed in Paris diffuses military tension with France

November 27, 1800 ·Arrives in new capital at Washington, D.C. for first time

December 28, 1800 ·Electoral returns reveal a tie between Burr and Jefferson
January 31, 1801 ·John Marshall named Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
February 11, 1801 ·House of Representatives convenes to break tie between Burr and Jefferson
February 17, 1801 ·Jefferson named President on thirty-sixth ballot

March 4, 1801 ·Jefferson and Burr inaugurated at Washington
May 14, 1801 ·Tripoli declares war on the United States

December 8, 1801 ·Submits first annual message to Congress
February 6, 1802 ·Congress declares war on Tripoli
April 6, 1802 ·All internal taxes abolished

May 2, 1802 ·U.S. Patent Office organized

July 4, 1802 ·U.S. Military Academy opens in West Point, New York

August 1802 ·Morocco declares war on the United States
November 3, 1802 · Jefferson meets with Chief Handsome Lake to discuss native policy
February 24, 1803 ·Supreme Court establishes judicial review in Marbury v Madison

April 30, 1803 ·Robert Livingston and James Monroe secure the purchase of the Louisiana Territory for the United States from France

December 12, 1803 ·Twelfth Amendment proposed to the several states
December 20, 1803 ·The United States takes formal possession of the Louisiana Territory
February 25, 1804 ·Jefferson re-nominated for President
April 17, 1804 ·Maria Jefferson dies at Monticello
May 14, 1804 ·Lewis and Clark begin their exploration of the Louisiana Territory
July 11, 1804 ·Vice President Burr fatally wounds Alexander Hamilton in a duel
November 1804 ·Jefferson re-elected by the several states with George Clinton as new vice presidential candidate
March 4, 1805 ·Re-inaugurated at Washington with…