Jeffersonian Republicans Vs Federalists Dbq Essay

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Despite the lack of political segregation at the birth of the Constitution, by the conclusion of federalist John Adams’ presidency, two distinct parties emerged: the Jeffersonian Republicans and the Federalists. These political parties held opposing views on numerous topics including states’ rights, the power of the federal government, and most importantly, the interpretation of the Constitution. While both political parties agreed to the laws written in the Constitution, the Jeffersonian Republicans were usually characterized as strict constructionists, as opposed to the Federalists who were characterized as broad constructionists. When the power of the national government changed during the Revolution of 1800, the hold of the Federalists was transferred to the hold of the Jeffersonian Republicans. When serving as president, the Republicans Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, however, found it oftentimes beneficial to utilize many of the Federalist precedents such as loose interpretation of the Constitution. …show more content…
Ironically, when the Jeffersonian Republicans increased their use of broad constructionism, the Federalists resorted to arguing for classical Jeffersonian Republican ideals. For instance, in the Hartford Convention following the War of 1812, Federalists strived to enhance the power of the states, and lessen the power of congress (Doc. E). The purpose for the Federalists to take these positions, was to curtail the Republicans’ federal power. The difference in opinion between the Jeffersonian Republicans, primarily characterized as strict constructionists, and the Federalists, typically characterized as broad constructionists, sparked the heated rivalry between two political parties that is still seen in America to this