Essay on Jeffery Did I Ever Tell You About The War

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Jeffery did I ever tell you about the war.
No grandpa you didn’t. I remember the time when I was trapped in a hell hole of a trench. It was stormy Friday night there was lighting and rain terror and torture. There was so much rain it started to flood the trench. Amongst the half flooded trench there were rats bobbing along the surface. You could see some of the rats struggling trying to escape out of there eternal sleep just clinging on for survival. The same thing could also be said for some of the soldiers most of them missing limbs or patched up arms all of them had been returned from an unsuccessful attempt of taking down the enemy. Everybody wanted an excuse to get out of the war but there was only one way death. A one way ticket to the bottom.

The next day it was no better from the last the early morning was dark and groggy rain everywhere water everywhere you were just stuck in a pool of water, sweat and mud. But you had to push on, there was no way out. You had to fight thorough the pain, fight and kill anyone on the enemy side and if you didn’t kill them they would have murder you in an instant, that was life in the war.

I saw a lot of people killed a lot of people I became good friends with I once saw I man be tired limb from limb by any enemy land mine a horrific sight to behold and one I will never be able to forget. I remember trying to help him. I remember looking at his face sweat and blood dripping down is forehead not looking away he told me to stay. I dragged him back to the trench for medical treatment. But when I got him to the pit is was to late he had already bleed to death a devastating way to go, but maybe he wanted to go this way fighting for his country instead of dying of old age in a retirement home.

The first ever charge we did I had sanity I could hear the cry’s the pain of my surroundings. I remember seeing people just stop in thee middle of the battlefield emotionless he was doing nothing, A tidal wave of bullets hit that…