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Jordan Masters
Professor Hueston
Jeffrey Dahmer Over the past couple of weeks we have been going over serial killers and how they operate. There are many serial killers all known for different sorts of killings and horrific murders that they’ve done, but one in particular came to my attention. He has been given the name of ‘The Cannibal of Wisconsin” or “The Wisconsin Monster” but better known by his name of Jeffrey Dahmer. Jeffrey was born May 21, 1960 to his mother Joyce and Lionel Dahmer in the town of West Allis, Wisconsin. In Jeffrey’s early childhood growing up both his parents kind of neglected him. His father was furthering his education for a PhD and was always busy. His mother had a problem with anxiety and always needed attention. Needless to say Jeffrey’s childhood was kind of independent. All aside from that, Jeffrey found interest in animals and how they worked. He collected dead carcasses on the side of the road and would take them back to his backyard or somewhere in the woods and dismember the carcass even more just to see how it all fit together. From his father’s perspective Jeffrey was quite interested of animal bones at the age of four when he would show Jeffrey animal bones and how to preserve them with bleach. A technique Jeffrey would later use in his killings. In high school Jeffrey was seen as a loner. He never did well in his school work, but was still known to be polite. Falling back in his school work he resorted to alcohol. Jeffrey was seen as an alcoholic bringing hard liquor to school in cups as early as 8oclock. Soon discovered he had attraction for men instead of woman. He had sexual fantasies of being with men at the age of 15, but his fantasies included violence along with the sexual needs. He would picture just an unconscious body and think of all the things he could do with it knowing he would be in charge and control. In 1978 Jeffrey had graduated from his high school and his parents had finally split leaving him the house in Bath, Ohio. Jeffrey’s first murder was just weeks after his graduation in 1978 at the age of 18. He had picked up a hitchhiker known as Steven Hicks. The hiker was on his way to a concert when Jeffrey had offered him to go over to his house and drink some beers with him and hangout. By the time Hicks said he was about to leave Jeffrey insisted on him to stay and not leave. Not listening to him the hiker attempted to leave and as soon as he did Jeffrey hit him in the head with a dumbbell killing him. He then stripped Hicks of his clothes and fulfilled his fantasy with the corpse. The next day Jeffrey had cut the body up and put it in plastic garbage bags and drove to the city dump and was pulled over. Even when questioned by the cop Jeffrey kept his composure and got away with the dead corpse in his car. This was just the start of a spree that Jeffrey Dahmer would go on for about 13 years. 16 more murders would go on between that span with Jeffrey. After Jeffrey’s dad had found out he was living by himself he sent him of to Ohio State University where he would soon fail out due to his alcohol problem. By this time it was 1979 and he enlisted into the army. Jeffrey was soon deemed back to the states again because of his alcohol problem. In 1981 Jeffrey was now living with his grandma back in Ohio. He landed a job at a chocolate factory and soon found himself lingering around the gay bars and putting sleeping pills in his victims drink and having his way with them by taking them to his grandma’s house. After a number of times doing this he was finally caught slipping pills in drinks and was thrown out the club. After nine years passed Jeffrey had murdered again. The victim’s name was Steven Tuomi. Jeffrey had met him at a gay bar and asked him to return to the Ambassador Hotel with him where he would do his usual routine of putting sleeping pills in his partners drink and have intercourse with him. From Jeffrey’s saying he had no recollection of