Jeffrey Dahmer: Serial Killer

Words: 1911
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Jeffrey Dahmer
Cannibalism, dismemberment, necrophilia, and rape are all factors of what made Jeffrey
Dahmer’s murders popular, recognizable, and repulsive. Jeffrey Dahmer, the Milwaukee
Cannibal, has become a popular and recognizable serial killer in American history. His early life and alcoholism eventually led to his 17 homicides, capture, and inevitable murder.
Jeffrey Dahmer’s early life is widely believed to be what led to his strange behavior and attitude, alcoholism, and murders. His early life affected his personality drastically. A young boy who had once been happy and active became introverted, uninterested, and strange.
Shortly before Dahmer turned six years old, he was diagnosed with a double hernia that needed to be operated
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“Just after he graduated from high school, in June 1978, Dahmer picked up a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks and took him home to his parents' house where he proceeded to get the young man drunk. When Hicks tried to leave, Dahmer killed him with a blow to the head with a barbell. (Biography)” Subsequently, Jeffrey dismembered his corpse, stored the extremities in plastic bags and buried them in the woods near the home he shared with his parents.
Simultaneously, his drinking problem was becoming uncontrollable. This was around the time when he was sent to enlist and was deployed. Ensuing his discharge, Dahmer returned to his parent’s home in Ohio and dug up Hicks’ remains. He crushed his bones with a hammer and spread them deeper and more widely into the woods. Dahmer was arrested a year later for disorderly conduct, and this is when he was sent to live with his
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“Twenty minutes after they had been left alone to complete their tasks, guards returned to find that Scarver had crushed Dahmer's skull and fatally beaten Anderson with a metal bar from the prison weight room. (Biography)” Over 20 years later, on April 28th, 2015, Scarver finally came clean about why he had killed Dahmer. He claimed Jeffrey would taunt other inmates and guards with prison food crafted into limbs, with ketchup serving as blood. “Some people who are in prison are repentant — but he was not one of them. (Schram)” “Scarver, then a 25-year-old convicted murderer, had just retrieved his mop and was filling a bucket with water when someone poked him in the back. “I turned around, and [Dahmer] and Jesse were kind of laughing under their breath,” Scarver recounted. “I looked right into their eyes, and I couldn’t tell which had done it.” The three men then split up, and Scarver followed Dahmer toward a staff locker room. Scarver grabbed a metal bar from the weight room and confronted Dahmer with the news story he had been carrying in his pocket. “I asked him if he did those things ’cause I was fiercely disgusted. He was shocked. Yes, he was,” Scarver said. “He started looking for the door pretty quick. I blocked him,” Scarver said. With two swings of the bar, Scarver crushed Dahmer’s skull.