Jeffrey Dahmer's Role In Criminal Behavior

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No really understands why Jeffrey Dahmer did what he did, but the beginning of his psychotic actions can be traced back to his early childhood. Born in Milwaukee in 1960, Dahmer had a normal beginning to his childhood until the age of 8 when was sexually molested by a neighborhood boy in small Bath Township. Not only that, but his parents had intense, sometimes violent arguments that played a role in their divorce and Dahmer’s violent nature. After their divorce neither parent wanted him, which may have also play a role in his behavior. Dahmer started experimenting with dead animals at the young age of 10. One event in particular was when he nailed a dog’s carcass to a tree and put its head on a stake. After years of doing away with animals, Dahmer murdered Steven Hicks in June, 1978, killing him after inviting Hicks to his home.
Dahmer become shockingly normal after the murder, taking a chance at
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The very next day, he lured a Laotian boy to his apartment and offered money for a nude modeling session. The cops were called and he was arrested and charged for sexual assault. After serving 10 months he was released from prison and when he was, the murders continued.
All in all, 15 victims died at the hands of Dahmer. In addition to murdering those victims, he raped, dismembered and even tried cannibalism with his corpses. He was arrested when Tracy Edwards escaped from his custody on July 22nd, 1991 and led police back to his apartment where they found the remains of 11 of Dahmer’s victims.
Prison was exactly the safest place for Dahmer to be. He received multiple death threats. On July 3rd, 1994, another inmate tried to slash his throat, but Dahmer emerged with only minor bruises and scratches. Five months later, Dahmer was killed by inmate Christopher Scarver, who used an iron bar to crush his skull, killing him instantly. Scarver claimed that he was acting in the name of God when asked why he killed