Jeffrey R. Immelt Ethical Leader Essay

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Jeffrey R. Immelt is an ethical leader which fits the quote,”…. leaders are not responsible for making other people ethical. Rather they are responsible for enabling their organizations to be aware of ethical meaning and reflect on it as a core part of the organization.” Immelt is the ninth chairman of General Electric a post he holds till now since September 7, 2001 after his predecessor Jack Welch. Immelt is also nominated, not once but three time by Barron’s as “World’s Best CEO”. Furthermore, after Immelt is placed in the chief executive officer’s position General Electric has won several names by respected business magazines in the world- “America’s Most Admired Company” in a poll conducted by Fortune magazine and one of "The World's …show more content…
This is actually to allow managers to feel the consequences of their decisions whether good or bad. Thus, as time goes by, these managers would be much more experienced and independent. As for perseverance, when Immelt first fought pressure to sell off divisions of GE and focus on core products, saying that each one of GE's companies was a part of a collective whole. Immelt helped keep GE afloat during scandals and financial crises in a post-9/11 America, giving him a difficult first year as CEO. Despite the hardships, Immelt continued to grow the GE brand and revolutionize the internal structure of the company. Last but not least, is integrity, which is directly from the above paragraph’s characteristic of honest, trustworthy, and transparent.
Because of these set of values that he transmits, the whole company becomes renowned to have these values, and the company is able to maintain the reputation it has had for decades, and continues to be admire around the world. Immelt, however, stresses to all stakeholders, and employees, that learning has to be maintained as a foundational philosophy throughout one’s career and life (, 2011).
When he first took position as the CEO of GE, he had large shoes to fill in. General Electric has an infamous records of criminal, civil, political and ethical transgressions typically the environment. One of the most highlighted cases from GE was the PCB