The Negative Effects Of Racism In America

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In America ever since 9/11 there has been a heightened since of awareness and sensitivity. While some of these emotions are rightfully ascertained, the media and the left wing extremist have used the event to try to disarm the public assuming that everyone is a terrorist. This one event also lead to new racism, inconvenience at airports, phone taps and the limiting of government information made public. While these provisions may limit law abiding Americans ability to move about untraced, not all revisions from the government have had negative effects on our daily lives; take for instance raised awareness on the borders.

Without a doubt one of America’s darkest days since Pearl Harbor, almost 3000 deaths and many of them being civilians, many Americans were looking for answers. These answers came quickly, as you would expect from a national tragedy, but many of these answers were poorly thought out and this showed in the poor implementation and the unseen constructional violations, as well as newfound racism for the towel heads in America. This racism was seen in the early days after the tragedy and still continues. While some of the racism is unacceptable and is unpreventable, Ron White a comedian once said, why not trade out your towel on travel days for a John Deer tractor cap. Muslims and Arabs alike make the general public nervous by covering their faces and then become easily offended on an airplane when the people appear nervous. Blacks can’t change their appearance but Arabs could easily change perception with noting more than a wardrobe change.

The biggest notable change to come to America after 9/11 was a change to airport security. No longer could one carry liquid, pocketknives, or certain electronics on to the airplane. This extra security at the checkpoints led to many people experiencing longer wait times at the airport raising the percentage of missed flights and raising the cost of airline tickets. The airports also began to x-ray your checked baggage and by doing this took away any confidentiality that a traveler once had.

The biggest problem with 9/11 is that it acted as a catalyst to begin taking civil liberties from citizens of the US. Phone taps and surveillances made possible by the patriot act infringe on the rights of every American. With the government monitoring everything from phone calls to email. This practice has been both criticized by many human rights organizations and has taken away a certain level of privacy in our everyday lives. After the Bush administration left office the effects of 9/11 were